Wee Eden - Visitor Guidelines for an Enjoyable Visit

Please read the following information to ensure you have the best experience when visiting Wee Eden.


Before you embark on your Wee Eden adventure, here are some tips for a fantastic visit:

  1. 🌦️ Weather Watchers: If you are flexible on the time,  check the forecast the day before and drop us a line to agree on the perfect time!

  2. 🥾 Dress the Part! Embrace Scotland’s unpredictable weather with layers and water proof gear. Wellies  or sturdy boots are a must.

  3. ☀️ Sun Savvy: For sunny days, bring sunblock and a stylish hat. 

  4. 🦟 Midge-Free Zone: Ward off midgies with bug repellent. 

  5. ⚔️ Battle-Ready: Apply plasters to any cuts before the adventure. Safety first.

  6. 🌼 Allergy Alert: If you have pollen or animal allergies, come prepared. 

  7. 👶 Cool Transport: Pushchairs are not suitable for the field. Opt for slings.

Ready for your Wee-Adventure? See you soon at Wee Eden! 

Wee-teract with Our Animal  Pals! 🌟🦙

Meet our lovable animal friends up close and personal! Here’s your backstage pass to a heartwarming experience:

  1. 🥕Animal Feed provided: Rest easy – we’ve got their treats covered! We provide healthy, delicious food for our pals.

  2. 🤰Mum-to-Be Consideration: If you’re expecting or suspect you are, please avoid newborn alpacas from birth until they’re 6 weeks old.

  3. 🤗Respectful Rendezvous: Interact respectfully with our charming companions. Follow the guidance of our staff, kindly keep the alpaca’s bottoms off-limits, and keep the volume down to avoid startling them. They appreciate your gentle charm!

  4. 🦙Guided Encounters: Before each animal rendezvous, our Wee Eden team will give you a quick and practical introduction. Enjoy a delightful time as you interact with our lovely pets.

Zoonotic Diseases: What’s That? ❓ 🤔 🤧

While the chance of catching an illness is minimal, it’s good to know that zoonotic diseases are those transmitted from animals to humans. Don’t worry; we’ve got measures in place to keep things safe.

Government Recommended Tips: Check out their document here.

Wee Eden Safety Extravaganza: 🤣🌟

  1. 🚿Handwashing Stations Galore:  After each animal encounter, find a dedicated handwashing station – we’ve got three types of animal friends, so three chances to scrub up! 🦙 🐐 🐰 🐔
  2. 🚫 🥤 🍕No Dining with the Animals: Keep food and drinks out of animal zones to avoid any unexpected cross-contamination.
  3. 🍼Keep It Clean:  If objects take a tumble during your stroll, resist the urge to put them in your mouth.
  4. 🚭 No Smoking or Matches:  Sorry but no lighting up anywhere in Wee Eden.
  5. 🤲 Hand-to-Mouth Timeout:  Hold off on hand-to-mouth activities until you’ve left the animal zones.

8. Eating Areas:

  • Picnic Areas: Picnic tables are available in the garden area adjacent to the house. If you plan to eat in Wee Eden, please inform us in advance. Food consumption is restricted to this area.

9. Parking Information:

  • Parking: Convenient parking is available in front of Wee Eden. [Include the photo as needed for visual guidance.]