Wee Eden - Classic Experience

Wee Eden provides unique tailored experiences and we are happy to do changes.  The following is a description of the Classic Wee Eden Experience.

We start feeding the hens. 

Then, Rodrigo and Jimena, a very cute and clever brother and sister, will be delighted to…eat all the food you offer to them and receive some nice scratches. They think that humans are awesome! We will walk a bit with Rodrigo and Jimena and you can have a go to try a little obstacle course with them!!

Once we’ve had our fun with Rodrigo and Jimena, it’s time to meet the alpaca boys: Merlin, Arthur, Percy, Pendragon, Tristan, Legend and Galahad. These lovely pets, are the heart and soul of Wee Eden. We’ll take a leisurely stroll with the alpacas through the paths of Wee Eden and hand feed them while I tell you fascinating alpacas facts, heartwarming stories, and some quirky tidbits about their unique personalities.

I’ll be taking some photos along the way, capturing the moments you spend with our alpacas and I will be sending them to you in the evening , free of charge, of course, so you can treasure these special memories of your visit to Wee Eden.,

After a relaxing walk, get ready for some real excitement: the alpaca obstacle course! It is all about fun and games and you won’t believe the cuteness when some of these fluffy pals get a little help to conquer their fears of a post in the ground! We’ve got five obstacles and are currently mastering a brand new challenge. It is a slow and positive training process, so we take all the the time they need get confident and to shine.

Finally, we go to hand feed the mums, and babies, alpaca: Guinevere, Avalon, Mystique and two babies Encanto and Sebastian. Well, we do not feed the babies yet as they only have milk but they come very close to you when feeding their mums. Encanto and Sebastian  have started to play and run together which is wonderful to watch. We are very happy the babies have a special friend to share adventures!

Wee Eden Classic Experiences cost £20 per person over 9 years. Under 10 years old are free and need to come with an adult for insurance purposes. Maximum two people per alpaca.  Please note, we only offer one Wee Eden Experience a day so all the animals have time to do whatever they would like to do. That means that we can offer the experience to any time of the day that is suitable for you. Also, it means that if you are only one person or one person with an under 10, the price is a little bit more, £30. 

The price of your ticket help to pay for the food and vets for our furry friends, helps toward our next projects (including a water hole and a bunny palace) and enables us to offer discounted rates to those from disadvantaged backgrounds.