Get to Know Our Goats: Profiles and Personalities

Goats are not only cute, clever and intelligent  but they also have a great sense of humour that is sure to put a smile on your face. They enjoy climbing, jumping in the air, and human attention. When they are very happy, they shake their tiny tails! Overall they are amazing friends that bring happiness into our lives.

Meet Rodrigo, the heart and soul of our goat family at Wee Eden. Born on March 14, 2023, Rodrigo shares a special bond with his best friend and sister, Jimena. With his gentle demeanor and affectionate nature, Rodrigo is the sweetest little goat you’ll ever meet. He adores scratches and wags his tiny tail with joy in your presence. Rodrigo holds a special place in our hearts as my favorite goat.¬†

Introducing Jimena, the cherished sister and loyal companion to Rodrigo at Wee Eden. The two are named after the renowned Spanish knight and his wife from the 11th Century. Jimena embodies a gentle soul, though she tends to be a bit shyer than her brother. Wherever Rodrigo goes, you’ll find Jimena close by, their bond unbreakable. With her lovely and sweet personality, Jimena brings warmth and joy to all who meet her.

Leia, the adorable but assertive member of our goat family at Wee Eden, was born on June 7th, 2021. Despite being the tiniest among her companions, Leia holds the title of the bossiest by far! With her remarkable intelligence, Leia isn’t afraid to assert herself to get what she wants, often leading the way for her friends. Despite her occasional grumpiness, she has a charming side that emerges when she’s in a sweet mood, frolicking and jumping around with her fellow goats.

Presenting Luke, the cherished brother of Leia at Wee Eden. Living with a family that loves Star Wars, Luke is known as the sweetest soul in Wee Eden. Despite being the largest of our goats, he is very gentle with his companions. While confident with Marian, Luke tends to retreat around unfamiliar guests, requiring patience to earn his trust. When he wants something, he’ll gaze at you intently and tilt his head to the right: simply irresistible.

I hope you can come one day to Wee Eden and meet the Gorgeous Goats in person or if you can not be here physically, how about a video call with your favourite goat?