Wee Eden - Gorgeous Goats

Goats are not only cute, clever and intelligent  but they also have a great sense of humour that is sure to put a smile on your face. They enjoy climbing, jumping in the air, and human attention. When they are very happy, they shake their tiny tails! Overall they are amazing friends that bring happiness into our lives.

Meet Leia, sister to Luke. She is sweet and funny and never fails to put a smile on my face. Despite her wee size, she is incredibly courageous and does no shy away from the bigger goats in the herd. Leia loves to learn new tricks and she will remind me if I forget to practice with her!

This is Luke, Leia’s brother. He is similar to his sister, playful and energetic, but  he has a black mark on his face beside his eye. While he is smaller than the other male goats and can sometimes shy away from them, he is very good friends with Polvoron and his sister. Luke loves food and his favourite spot is a huge tree stump in Wee Eden.

Meet Polvoron, the charming goat with a uniquely fitting name. His name is derived from his white nose which resembles a Spanish sweet called polvoron. His name suits him perfectly as he sweetly tilt his head to the right whenever he wants a treat…who can say no to giving him a little treat every once in a while?

Tricky is a remarkable goat, the leader of his herd. Everyone follows him around wherever he goes, moving in an orderly straight line. Tricky is a food lover and sharing his food with other goats is something he can never do. He loves to be scratch and he will stay in front of you forever if you keep scratching him!

This is Coco, the second in command in the herd. But he has a cheeky side! He loves food and he has been known to use his intelligence to get his hoofs on the other goats food! Despite this, he also has a gentle side and when he is not scheming for snacks, he likes to relax  with the other goats.

I hope you can come one day to Wee Eden and meet the Gorgeous Goats in person or if you can not be here physically, how about a video call with your favourite goat?