Wee Eden - Furry & Feathers Feeding Experience

The Furry and Feathers Feeding Experience allows to meet and feed all the animals in Wee Eden  while only needing to walk short distances.

As you step into Wee Eden, you are greeted by the mischievous yet clever duo, Rodrigo and Jimena, the playful sibling goats.  Join in their world of laughter as they lead you on a merry stroll to a little goat obstacle course.

Then it is time to meet Wee Eden boy alpacas: Arthur, Merlin, Percy, Pendragon, Galahad, Tristan and Legend. Witness the charmingly speedy munching , with some like Pendragon, Percy and Legend gulping down the food while Galahad savors each bite, revealing his adorable toothless grin (Galahad had recently lost 2 of his baby teeth!)

But lets not forget the mums and baby alpacas! We have 3 females alpacas in Wee Eden: gentle Avalon, who is mum to Percy, Tristan and little Sebastian. Guinevere, mum to the “Fastest eaters!” Pendragon and Legend, and finally, a first time mum, beautiful Mystique, mum to Encanto. Encanto (DOB 14th July 2023)  and Sebastian (DOB 19th August 2023) look quite alike as though having different mums, they have the same dad, Nimbus. It is quite hilarious to see these two crias alpacas playing with each other and bouncing around.

Our eight hens Pecas, Isabel, Angel, Tweety, Cinderella, Rose, Hope and Skye, do wander around Wee Eden during the day, coming back to their safe home at night. When they see us, they come running to us. It maybe they love us or that they can see the tasty treats! They are quite tame, and some of them are quite happy to be held for a while.

And soon, we will have some bunnies! If all goes well, it will be from 11-October-2023.

Wee Eden Furry and Feathers Feeding  Experience cost £10 each for toddlers and up. Babies are free .

Please note, we only offer one Wee Eden Experience a day so all the animals have time for sunbathing, running, rolling and boinging around. That means that we can offer the experience to any time of the day that is suitable for you. There is a minimum of £30 pounds per visit so please….bring your friends!

 The price of your ticket helps to pay for the food and vets for our furry friends, helps toward our next projects (including a water hole and a bunny palace) and enables us to offer discounted rates to those from disadvantaged backgrounds.
If you would like to do all the above and also…walk a sweet alpaca and do an obstacle course with  him, please check the Wee Eden Classic Experience.