Experiences to make you smile

Wee Eden provides unique tailored experiences, where you can choose if you want to hand feed and meet the animals, walk an alpaca…or a goat, try a little obstacle course with a goat or have a deeper look of how we take daily care of  our lovely furry friends.

In our garden we have a lovely picnic table and swing.

Bring your picnic and have some lunch while watching the alpacas, hens and goats passing by and stopping to get a little snack.

Alpaca Walk

Come and enjoy an Alpaca Walk near West Calder, West Lothian!

Hand feed the mums, crias and boys alpacas, learn interesting facts and take an alpaca for a walk around our lovely rural pathways amongst our paddocks and trees. Once they know you, you may even get an alpaca kiss!

Kids also get a certificate at the end, to help them remember their day.


Goat Walk

Goats are very clever and cute! Their little tail sake rapidly when a lovely human wants to spend time with them and …give them a little snack or a scratch. Come to Wee Eden and walk a little goat. Try and see if they will jump little obstacles, climb a ramp,  or go through the ring!

Farm Tour

Learn about the animals we have at Wee Eden: alpacas, goats and hens. How to take care of them, their daily routine, how we teach them to walk and we learn their behaviour.


Wee Eden Experiences cost £20 per person over 10 years. Under 10 years old are free and need to come with an adult for insurance purposes. The price of your ticket help pay for the food and vets for our furry friends, helps toward our next projects (including a water hole and a bunny palace) and enables us to offer discounted rates to those from disadvantaged backgrounds.