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Had all the alpacas sheared yesterday, they look very funny now! Here’s some pictures… Before… And after….


Countdown to 10th April 2021: 1,123,200 , 1,123,199 – 1,123198, … uhm, maybe I need to start the countdown later. After years of dreaming, moving house to have a little bit of land, doing courses about alpacas and reading books, we are finally going to have alpacas!!! Today we went to visit two of them,…

Introducing our goats!

We have three lovely wether goats, who arrived with us in 2020. Their names are Triqui, Coco and Polveron. In the picture you can see Coco in front and Triqui to the right, and our dog Lola is wearing her red jacket!

About Me

About Me

Hi, I’m Marian. Previously a software engineer, we moved to the country in 2019 with a plan to have lots of animals, and share the fun of caring for and spending time with the animals with others. We started with chickens and a dog and then got 3 goats in 2020. In 2021 we got alpacas and more goats and plans eventually extend to a donkey, a horse and we’ll see what happens!

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