Meet Our Alpaca Family: Profiles and Personalities

Alpacas with their soft fleece and endearing demeanor, are a unique blend of beauty, gentleness and humour. They love rolly pollies, trees and be in the company of their friends. They possess a remarkable capacity for affection and, a lucky few, can have an alpaca kiss when they earn their trust. They display care and devotion towards their babies and best friends, staying by the side when they are needed.  Alpacas truly are adorable!


Meet Sebastian, born on August 19th, 2023. He has been a surprise from the moment he entered this world. While his mom, Avalon, is white as snow, Sebastian is dark brown and black. He’s HUGE and brimming with confidence and charm. His best buddy is his doting aunt, Guinevere, and the two of them are always up to something mischievous together: Sebastian leaping over Guinevere or playfully pretending to nibble her legs just to coax her into a game. 


Meet Encanto, born on July 14th, 2023. His early hours were tough as he struggled with milk. Luckily, Marian and the lovely vet Meghan, provided care and food. Despite this, Encanto blossomed into a delightful character. Smaller than buddy Sebastian, Encanto is deeply devoted to his mom, Mystique. He loves hay and playing with baskets! But his true joy? Soaking up the sun, tilting his head back with pure contentment. Encanto shines brightest in these moments.


First cria born in Wee Eden, DOB 5-June-22. Tristan can look like a white marshmallow but he is the most agile alpaca in Wee Eden being capable to leap over a 1.2 meter fence. His best friend is a black alpaca named Legend. They have been together since birth and they embark on adventures, chasing one another through Wee Eden and cushing side by side at night time.  A gentle, graceful and loyal white alpaca.


DOB 18-September-22. Legend is a mischievous black alpaca and best friend of Tristan. Gentle and affectionate, Legend thrives on human interaction, enjoying to be petted and pampered. Whenever someone approaches, he trots towards them hoping for a treat. His cheeky nature means that sometimes his mum,  must remind him that sitting down on the head of his BFF, Tristan, is not ok!


DOB May-2021.  Amongst Wee Eden alpacas, Galahad is the most beautiful and intelligent one. He has a  gorgeous grey, white and brown coat, with tuxedo and appaloosa patterns. Also, he is very clever and he often is the fist one to grasp a new trick. His best friends are Percy and Pendragon and you can see the three of them playing around. Galahad is also very gentle and little kids can pat him confidently. 


DOB 18-September-2022. Pendragon is a very lucky alpaca, as his mum, Guinevere, and younger brother, Legend, also live in Wee Eden. His best friends are Galahad and Percy. He is a white spot and has the thickest coat in our herd. He is the best one in the obstacle course and he helps me to teach his friends. Pendragon is the most talkative of Wee Eden alpacas and sometimes he hums contently during the walks.


DOB 10-July-2021.  Percival, AKA Percy, lives in Wee Eden with his mum, Avalon, his little brother, Tristan and his best friends, Pendragon and Galahad. He has the biggest heart, protecting the young crias from any potential bullying by the larger alpacas. He also helps to teach the crias how to walk with the halter. He holds a special place in the heart of his owner Marian who appreciates the easy hugs and alpaca kisses he gives.


DOB 1-6-2016.  Arthur, and his best friend, Merlin, were the first alpacas in Wee Eden. Not a lot is known of the first 4.5 years of his life except he did not have lots of human contact. He is still a bit shy but he has changed so much in these few years here! He eats from the hand, comes when  he is called and he goes beautifully for walks. Through patience and encouragement we work to grow Arthur’s confidence and happiness.


DOB 14-April-2017.  Merlin and his best friend Arthur, were the first alpacas in Wee Eden. Not a lot is know of the first 4 years of his life. Although  Merlin is very shy he has improved quite a bit and he will eat from your hand and follow us when his friends goes for walks with people. For us is very important our animals are happy so at this point Merlin does not go for walks and we carry on working in increase his confidence in humans.


DOB 13-July-2020. Mystique is the youngest and smaller of our girls. She has a beautiful dense red-brown coat and she is quite happy being petted while feeding. This year, God willing, Mystique will be a mum for the first time in her life! The cria maybe coming in July or August. Her behaviour has changed since she is pregnant and sometimes she likes to be in solitude under her favourite fruit tree. Nesting instinct, maybe.


DOB 5-May-2018.  Avalon, is the most gentle and tranquil alpaca in Wee Eden. In this photo you can appreciate how her tender nature extends even to Lola, Marian’s beloved little dog. She is the larger of the females and she has the most beautiful black eyes framed by very long white eyelashes. She is a devoted mum to Percy and Tristan and she is pregnant so there maybe a new cria  in July or September. 


DOB 22-July-2017. Guinevere is the best mum ever. She is mum to Pendragon and Legend. Nothing separate her from her babies when they need her. Not even food. Guinevere will stay in place if her baby is having some milk so Marian must be very careful and leave some food aside for Guinevere or she would not eat otherwise! She always keep an eye in her young boys to check they are ok. Guinevere is the sweetest mum.