Join Our Family: Sponsor an Alpaca or Goat

Thanks so much for your support in helping care for our wonderful alpacas and goats. Our animals are a source of joy and happiness and provide a unique experience for visitors.  Your donation provides food, medical care and enrichment toys that keep the animals happy and healthy.  It also help us to offer lower rates to those who many not otherwise be able to visit us. Together, we can provide a loving and nurturing environment for our furry friend, while also ensuring that everyone has access to them. Thank you from Wee Eden.

Please contact Wee Eden with your favourite Adoption Package and Furry Friend.

Wee Eden has two Adoption Packages

Gold Adoption Package £20

  1.  Choose your favourite alpaca or goat to adopt .
  2. An adoption certificate.
  3. A biography and photo of your chosen friend.
  4. Your name will be added to the alpaca or goat paddock.
  5. A birthday and Christmas card from your friend.
  6. Quarterly updates of your friend.
  7. 15 minutes video call to meet your chosen friend in Wee Eden.

Platinum Adoption Package £40

It includes everything in the Golden Package plus:
  1. Half-price ticket for a friend to meet and walk.
  2. One hour of meeting, feeding and walking  your alpaca or goat furry friend.