Countdown to 10th April 2021: 1,123,200 , 1,123,199 – 1,123198, … uhm, maybe I need to start the countdown later.

After years of dreaming, moving house to have a little bit of land, doing courses about alpacas and reading books, we are finally going to have alpacas!!!

Today we went to visit two of them, Arthur and Merlin (yes, we are following an Arthurian theme), they are SUPER CUTE and just plainly funny. Nothing like hearing an alpaca talking and seeing them yawning. In all honesty, the conversation of an alpaca sounds strangely like the comments of my husband 😉

Arthur and Merlin are right now in the good hands of Jen from Caledonia Alpacas. Thanks so much Jen! Lancelot is still in England but will arrive to Scotland soon.

Next time, I will show you what their house look like. In the meantime, here is a photo of Arthur and Merlin.

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